Pelatihan Kewirausahaan untuk Meningkatkan Perekonomian Masyarakat Di Desa Kademangan Kecamatan Mojoagung Kabupaten Jombang

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Chamdan Purnama
Hadi Sutrisno
Yohanis Singgih Budiharto
Dwi Rizki Maulana


The characteristics of the business environment are entered by companies today and in the future. Therefore, today we live in four eras at a time, the era of economic globalization, the era of information technology, the era of strategic quality management, and the era of management revolution. We need to understand the characteristics of each era and their impact on management principles.

Based on the results of the assessment, it is known that Kademangan Village not only has abundant natural potential, but is also supported by skilled Human Resources (HR), especially in handicrafts and food preparations. Even so the living conditions of the people, especially the economic aspects, are not sufficient. This is caused by several factors such as the still poor quality of human resources and inadequate village infrastructure. For example, the community of handicrafts and food preparations have not been able to produce different products and of good quality so that they have high selling points. Considering these various conditions, the PKM (Student Activity Center) activities are directed at the economic aspect by organizing training for community service activities with the theme "Entrepreneurship Training to Improve Community Economy in Kademangan Village, Mojoagung District, Jombang Regency".

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